Here at The Verve, our commitment to a holistic treatment process extends beyond traditional one-on-one talk therapy. More than just recovery, we want our clients to thrive – and we think that it’s important for a person’s mental health journey to encompass not just their treatment, but their continued pursuit towards self-betterment and happiness. Our mentoring program seeks to pair clients with individuals who can help them set goals, build mental resilience, and achieve their dreams.

It’s important to us to help our clients process what they learn during recovery for their own unique journey – and the best way to do so is through the shared knowledge and experience of a personal mentor.

That’s why we integrate the expertise of mentors from diverse backgrounds into our mental health treatment and recovery programs.

Our mentors here at The Verve are drawn from various walks of life and bring a unique blend of experiences to the table. We place great importance on who we pair with whom, ensuring that every client is paired with a mentor whose life and work journey aligns closely with theirs.


Here at The Verve, we provide mental health treatment to clients who wish to acquire and develop the skills needed to help them thrive, despite life’s stressors and the symptoms of their condition. Mentorship at The Verve is a big part of this process.

In addition to comprehensive and holistic mental health treatment, ranging from traditional talk therapy to experiential therapies, EMDR, mindfulness, yoga, and more, we work hard to ensure that our clients continue to experience success in their endeavors long after their treatment has ended.

Our mentors help each individual client they are paired with by providing their own long-standing personal and professional experience. More than just getting clients “back in the saddle”, mentors at The Verve strive to help our clients reach greater heights.


Our innovative mentorship program can help clients see themselves through the lens of someone who shares similar personal and professional histories. Our mentors are qualified individuals with diverse backgrounds chosen to help people who may need someone to confide in or help guide them back towards their goals and dreams. To achieve this, our mentorship program has multiple different facets:

Diverse Personal and Professional Backgrounds: It’s important to us that our mentors share vastly different personal and professional experiences. We have clients from all walks of life, who have dedicated vast amounts of time and energy to the pursuit of completely different things. We wouldn’t pair a mentor who feels strongly about his role as a father and grandfather with a client who has no interest in starting a family – neither would we feel that a client who has retired from the medical field and wishes to devote more of her time to writing have much interest in a mentor with no experience either passion.

Guidance Through Personal Struggles: We are more than what we do for a living. Our past, and all of its peaks and valleys, plays a vital role in shaping us. As such, we also look to match clients with mentors who might have shared similar struggles and burdens. Such deeper connections can help shape a more meaningful relationship between a mentor and a mentee, and result in a more successful bond. A mentor who has successfully coped with their personal hardships might be better able to provide guidance for a client who is still learning to cope with theirs.

Shared Professional Dreams: A chosen profession can sometimes be a higher calling. At other times, it’s a path of life that influences how we think – in ways that people outside that profession might not always be able to relate to. Matching mentors to mentees with similar professional experiences can help clients recommit themselves to their profession, and reintegrate into life after recovery – or dedicate themselves to the pursuit of their professional aspirations after treatment.



Why work with a personal and professional mentor? Here at The Verve, we think that mentors can offer a wide variety of benefits to clients. These benefits include:

  1. Empowerment and inspiration: Our mentors help empower clients to commit to their goals through their accumulated experience, demonstrating success and resilience in similar circumstances.
  2. Real-life coping strategies: Personal and professional mentors can help guide clients with similar life stressors through examples of positive coping mechanisms and skills that have helped them.
  3. Pursuit of one’s own goals: Mentors help keep clients on track, and focus on what they want in life. In cases where a client feels aimless, a mentor can help provide guidance and clarity, helping clients discover new or old dreams, and reignite their passion for living.
  4. A positive role model: Mentors serve as positive examples, but not just as an impersonal story or parable, but a real and living guide. Mentors are imperfect, as well, and help clients see that even a struggling and flawed human can find happiness and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives.
  5. Transition towards day-to-day living: Mentors continue to provide guidance as clients learn to apply their treatment lessons into post-treatment life.


Professional mentoring can play a vital role in your recovery journey. Being paired up with the right person can change your life – and here at The Verve, we make sure to pair our clients with the mentors that best suit them.

While individualized treatment is pivotal in our treatment plan, we recognize and celebrate the importance of a strong support system. Our professional mentoring services are an effective way to help build that system.

Do you want to learn more about our professional mentoring program, want to become a mentor yourself, or want to find out about some of our other modalities and treatment programs? Give us a call at (202) 816-6006 or send us a message via our contact form online. Don’t hesitate – get started with us at The Verve today.

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