Here at The Verve, our clients seek treatment not just to address the way their symptoms impede their dreams and ambitions, but to help them fulfill their best potential.

We offer life coaching services through our comprehensive case management plan, which involves pairing every client with a trained clinician who serves as a liaison between the client’s individual needs and requirements, and the treatment modalities and various recovery plans established and provided at The Verve.


Our case managers at The Verve serve as an experienced mediator between clients and the treatment process, as well as a life coach.

Each case manager primarily coordinates between a client and their therapists at The Verve. This means discussing the effectiveness of different treatments, helping clients reintegrate into day-to-day living and their career-focused or academic responsibilities, and providing individualized mental health support.

Case managers and clients meet every week, and work with the client’s therapists. At The Verve, each of our clients is paired with an individual therapist, and a separate family therapist. Collaboration between these professionals is important for a truly holistic approach to mental health.


Case management at The Verve is a personal process. Our case managers are tasked with utilizing their clinical expertise to provide an additional voice in the treatment process, accommodating each client’s specific needs and adapting their treatment and supplemental modalities on a weekly basis to account for the client’s progress and expectations. Meanwhile, case managers also help address differences or a potential for collaboration between a client’s individual and family therapists.

Some of the roles and responsibilities of a case manager at The Verve include:

  • Holistic Reintegration Support: Many individuals working with us at The Verve expect to return to a high-functioning, often high-pressure job, or a demanding and rigorous academic process. Case managers work with clients and therapists to prepare clients for their individual challenges during reintegration. The initial treatment process is often about helping clients adapt the lessons of therapy and long-term treatment to ongoing or future real-life stressors.
  • Uniqueness of The Verve’s Approach: The Case Manager model here at The Verve is unique, when compared with other treatment centers. It’s rare to employ the services of another clinician to regulate the collaboration between different therapists or give clients an additional voice during treatment. It’s important for us to focus on the individuality of mental health treatment, and why a professional’s voice can help clients better navigate their treatment process.
  • Collaborative Weekly Meetings: Case managers interact personally with clients and their therapists on a weekly basis. This is to account for the fact that a rigid treatment plan is often not the solution. People are highly individual, and their treatment must account for a change in circumstances, or an evolving understanding of a client’s therapeutic needs. A case manager’s oversight can help therapists pivot and adapt their treatment.
  • Dual Therapist Involvement: Here at The Verve, we invest in both our client’s mental health, and their working relationship with their closest loved ones. Exploring the relationship a client has with their family and closest friends is crucial to providing an effective recovery plan, by understanding the social factors contributing to a client’s mental wellbeing. Case managers help individual and family therapists work together in the client’s best interests, while using that information to provide better life coaching services to the client.
  • Personalized Treatment Plans: Like many other mental health clinics, we at The Verve utilize a wide variety of mental health modalities. Rather than just seeing what sticks, we rely on the expertise of our clinical staff to analyze a patient’s needs. Case managers help further deepen the personalization of a client’s treatment plan.



Working with a case manager at The Verve comes with its fair share of benefits, such as:

A clinician’s expertise – Our vase managers at the verve are fully licensed, fully trained clinicians, giving personal and professional insights into each client’s treatment process, and providing an additional voice for the client’s long-term mental healthcare.

Client empowerment – Case managers at The Verve sometimes function as liaisons or advocates for a client’s needs by providing an additional overview of their treatment plan to the involved therapists and clinical staff. They also represent another person a client can talk to, to discuss concerns or worries.

A focus on reintegration – Case managers are trained to help clients adapt what they’ve learned in their reintegration into day-to-day responsibilities and tasks at work, at home, or at school. We want to emphasize that life goes on after treatment – but that support is always important.

Life coaching – Life coaching services help clients fulfill their personal potential and reach their goals during and after treatment. We want to empower our clients, and help them understand that they are capable of achieving their dreams. We don’t want them to feel limited by a mental health diagnosis or dragged down by the stigma of their condition.


At The Verve, we believe that recovery programs offer more than treatment – they offer the opportunity for long-term self-improvement. We want to help our clients truly achieve their best self, not just in spite of their personal struggles, but as a result of facing them head-on, with us.

A mental health diagnosis can be frightening. It can be frustrating. It can be challenging. But with treatment and the support of friends, family, and your local community, we help our clients avoid self-limitation, and live up to their best potential. Our trained and experienced case managers play an important role in this process, each and every day.

Work with us here at The Verve to begin living your best life. Give us a call at (202) 816-6006 or send us a message via our contact form. We will walk you through each of our treatment modalities, as well as our post-treatment support, and useful resources for the long-term recovery process.

Recovery from addiction, mental health needs, or whatever life may throw our way, takes more than just a fresh start.

It takes a dedicated support team, a robust recovery community, and a tailored therapeutic program to help you realize your potential. The Verve IOP is hear to help you, your family, and your entire recovery support team navigate the road ahead, together.

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