Treatment for Professionals

Working professionals have different sets of demands, stressors, and timetables than the average person.

The sense of pressure and responsibility can be difficult to manage. At The Verve, we have designed a program specifically for you. With years of experience working with professionals across all industries, we understand the unique needs that come from managing organizations, operations, or the lives and welfare of others. Whether you are seeking dedicated mental health treatment for professionals or addiction treatment for professionals, you will find our rehab for professionals program in Washington DC offers the tailored support and flexibility you need as a professional. Our unique approach will help you continue your career productively, passionately, and with renewed vigor for the road ahead.

A Program Built for You

Whether working with a therapeutic team or participating in experiential programs, we get it- working professionals are wired differently.

That’s why we developed a program that works with your timetables, your needs, and your stage of life. Sometimes life can’t stop, or slow down, but together, we can put it in a healthier, more productive perspective through our dedicated rehab for professionals program. Our clinical team will work with you to develop a custom-tailored treatment program that will meet you where you are in life and help you continue forward in a way that works for you and those you love and support.

Discerning & Flexible

The Verve Professionals Program was designed for high-performing, high-functioning working professionals that understand the importance of working hard when the moment requires it.

Our clinical team will partner with you to drive lasting change in your life. Change that will impact your career, professional life, and sense of purpose like nothing before. At The Verve, our goal is to help you reignite that sense of passion and vision that has helped you succeed thus far. Together, we will reshape your tomorrow and your future.

Peer to Peer

Our qualified and trained recovery professionals know first-hand what successful recovery looks like and how to help you get there. Together you walk the walk and talk the talk to recovery!

Skills Development

Oftentimes a new way of living requires new skills to succeed and thrive. The Verve clinical team will help you develop the tools necessary for the road ahead and a life of long-lasting peace and recovery.

Individualized Programing

Each person is unique, as is their road to recovery. At Verve, we work closely with you to tailor a program specific to your journey, stage of life, and vision for what a successful, ongoing recovery roadmap can look like.

Recovery from addiction and mental health issues requires more than just a fresh start.

Working a program of recovery involves a dedicated support team, a robust recovery community, and an individually tailored therapeutic program to help you heal and realize your potential.

Verve is here to help you to create the kind of life you want for yourself and your family.

Recovery Reimagined

A new take on what your recovery can be.

At The Verve you can design and create a recovery program that works for YOU!
You can unpack who you are today and discover your potential to help you build a future of endless possibilities.



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Tailored for You


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