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Recovery Reimagined

The Verve Treatment Philosophy

Wherever you are in your recovery, we will meet you there.

Unique individuals require unique programs and our highly-qualified clinical staff will work with you to understand what support is necessary for both your journey through recovery and journey through life. Whether a working professional in need of refresh or someone ready to move forward in their recovery from addiction or mental health, our tailored programming will help you life a life of your own design through support, community, and collaboration.

Treatment Program Details

The Verve offers an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) with an emphasis on peer work that provides a tailored, one-on-one approach to recovery.

Our trained staff understands the nuances of recovery and how to work with a client through all stages of their treatment, adjusting and accommodating as needed. Though our program is highly-structured, we understand the importance of flexibility and responding to the changing needs of our client. We offer the most advanced training programs and methodologies, all within a space that is peaceful, safe, and welcoming.

Treatments Offered

Peer to Peer

Our qualified and trained recovery professionals know first-hand what successful recovery looks like and how to help you get there. Together you walk the walk and talk the talk to recovery!

Skills Development

Oftentimes a new way of living requires new skills to succeed and thrive. The Verve clinical team will help you develop the tools necessary for the road ahead and a life of long-lasting peace and recovery.

Individualized Programing

Each person is unique, as is their road to recovery. At Verve, we work closely with you to tailor a program specific to your journey, stage of life, and vision for what a successful, ongoing recovery roadmap can look like.

Recovery from addiction, mental health needs, or whatever life may throw our way, takes more than just a fresh start.

It takes a dedicated support team, a robust recovery community, and a tailored therapeutic program to help you realize your potential. The Verve IOP is hear to help you, your family, and your entire recovery support team navigate the road ahead, together.

Recovery Reimagined

A new take on what your recovery can be.

At The Verve you can design and create a recovery program that works for YOU!
You can unpack who you are today and discover your potential to help you build a future of endless possibilities.



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