Christian De Oliveira CEO Verve Behavioral Health

Christian De Oliveira
CEO & Co-Founder

Christian De Oliveira is an industry veteran, having worked in the behavioral health space for well over a decade. He has started and operated facilities across the country working closely with innovators and thought leaders thru out the field. Although years of experience have brought both professional and personal growth Christian never lost sight of what he believed to be one of the most healing and transformative aspects of recovery, that of community. Most recently he has begun to create something new and unique to the DC area. A full holistic approach to recovery with an emphasis on healing the mind, body, and spirit.

Prior to his calling in the recovery field, Christian had worked in the financial markets at The Chicago Board of Trade as well as launching a successful startup in the glass manufacturing industry. A musician at heart, he still finds the time to play an occasional show and loves to teach his children the musical traditions passed on from his father

Recovery from addiction, mental health needs, or whatever life may throw our way, takes more than just a fresh start.

It takes a dedicated support team, a robust recovery community, and a tailored therapeutic program to help you realize your potential. The Verve IOP is hear to help you, your family, and your entire recovery support team navigate the road ahead, together.

Recovery Reimagined

A new take on what your recovery can be.

At The Verve you can design and create a recovery program that works for YOU!
You can unpack who you are today and discover your potential to help you build a future of endless possibilities.



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